Cat away spray malaysia

CD e-book BUILD YOUR OWN SAILBOAT. It’s been two years since we launched SILVERADO. 2500 miles in the sea of Cortez. Thanks again for your timely responses.

Sprays of all sizes have been built over the past many years. I had trouble with my appendix. I let the anchor go. Had a glow at the masthead, rigging was very hot. I will be leaving here at the end of December. It blew 50-60 knots, gusting to 70.

I had calms, head winds, fog and storms. I nearly saw polar bears I was that far north. What more could I ask? I would go on deck, with rifle in hand. The Spray stood up very well in all weather. I would be a day before them. I built another, it would be on the same lines.

30 knot wind, and it would stand without movement. I get out of my bunk. Australia because of the sun. 2,000 miles still to go, Charlie had lost the use of his rudder. Christmas Islands, the Philippines and Indonesia. Aleixo Belov in 1982 . I originally bought a running rigging kit from you.

V Emerald Steel San Diego, Ca. She has been our full time home ever since. Hurricane Iniki in Hawaii 1992. Mediterranean, and has made two Biscay crossings in severe weather. 20 minutes, just look at compass. I had decided to sail on jib-staysail and mizzen.

Verde and bound for Barbados. Her best days run being 147 miles. South-African German naval engineer O. Melissa1 in his factory — Tire Profil in Izmir Turkey. She was finished and launced in 2007 and since then she is sailing in the Eagean and he is very happy with her. She is now in Teos Marina — Turkey. I realize the bad humor, yet it applies.

5 knots for a few hours and 7. A quiet and comfortable passage without drama. Channel» , on passage from east end of Cuba up to the Carolinas. Note, empty cockpit, windvane doing the work, bread rising in the plastic bag. Just another day at sea. Here we are on our  way from the Cabo Verde Isl. Plucky Lady» is a Spray 33 — steel version. She’s a very fine, seaworthy and comfortable boat. We are very happy with her. Bruce,  Thank you for your quick reply.