How to deter cats from peeing in house

He has used the litter box since the day I got him. Now, at 9 months, he all of a sudden has decided to use my oversized recliner as his litter box. He pooped on it last week, out of the blue, and now he is peeing on it, right in front of me. He cries terribly to go to outside, so when he peed on it first time, I put him out. There was a cat fight yesterday next door and he begged to come back in.

I let him and he did it again this morning, in front of me. I picked him up to take him out and he dribbled pee all the way to the door! Any and all information and or advice is greatly appreciated! The first thing you should do is take him to the vet as there could be a medical problem, such as crystals in his urine or an infection. Ask the vet for advice while you are there. This sounds like a bladder infection. It is very painful, which is why he will urinate in front of you and cry.

Get him to a Vet asap. Vet within 48 hours to survive. And if he has not been neutered, be sure and have that done. If this is a behavioral issue, neutering will take care of a lot of that. A lot of urinating in the house is marking territory, especially if you have other cats outside that he is aware of. A lot of times this is caused by anxiety when kitty feels threatened by another cat.

Try putting his food on the recliner before you let him in. Keep it there as long as he is in the house. Do this for 2 weeks. Cats will not pee where they eat. I tried this with my indoor cat about 10 years ago and it worked. He has not done it since. I have had my 2 cats since they were about 9 weeks old and I’ve never had a problem with them untill now.

One of them has started peeing on the sofa and chairs in the living room. I have tried multiple things such as cleaning the litter boxes more often, getting more litter boxes, and cleaning the spot multiple times and they only work for a week or two before he starts again. They are brothers and the other cat is perfectly fine and has no problems. I don’t know what to do and my mother is threatening to give him away if he will not stop soon. Any advice would be very helpful. I have a real problem.

Luna, my 5 year old cat, has been urinating on my desk and bathroom sink. She used to urinate on things when she was in heat. I understood that because she is has always been weird when she is in heat. We moved a year ago, in with friends. We, myself and Luna, are renting a bedroom and bath from them. Luna stays in my bedroom mostly.

Sometimes I let her out to get some exercise. The only thing that has changed in the time that Luna started urinating on my desk is my Great Pyrenees decided she wanted to stay outside. Luna was urinating on the bathroom counter, but she has stopped that. I have a small piece of glass on my desk because she has ruined the finish of the top of my desk by urinating on it. I have cleaned both the top of the desk with bleach water, apple cider vinegar, glass cleaner, and regular vinegar, not at the same time. At different times I have had to clean my desk. I have rubbed her nose in the urine, I have cleaned her litter box, I have taken her to the vet and she is still doing it. My 20 year old cat is peeing on the furniture lately and I can’t figure out why. I have had my cat for years and now he is peeing on my couch. I don’t know what to do to make him stop. I adopted a 2nd cat who used the litter box from the 1st day we got him, but all of a sudden started peeing on the leather sofa, and on our daughter’s bed. He stopped for a while, then since we rescued our 3rd cat he is doing it more than ever. He does it right in from of us, as if he is rebelling in some way. I have not switched the litter and I clean it 3 times a day. He is so sweet and well behaved otherwise and neither of the other 2 have an issue.