How to remove cat urine odor

1-2-3 cat pee smell gone. Stronger strengths may bleach a carpet. Bleaching may occur on some carpets with a stronger solution. The label will state the strength. In some countries hydrogen peroxide is measured in volume. I honestly can’t believe HOW well this worked! Cat Urine Odor is AWESOME.

I can’t thank you enough. Thank you for sharing this information. I recommend a product called SSScat. It is completely safe and harmless. You can usually purchase it on ebay. Clean the cat litter trays daily.

Keep Cat Litter trays in a quiet location. Diabetes in cats can cause increased urination. Your cat may be suffering from Feline Stress. Cats do not like to use the toilet near to where they eat. That’s not surprising neither do we! Try to reinforce positive behavior. Which Breed is right for you?

How do I cat urine from a leather couch? My cat urinated on some clothes that I had sitting on my leather couch. The urine soaked through to the couch, and it smells really bad. I’ve tried all sorts of cleaning products, but yet the smell remains. I’m about to have to throw the couch out. It’s only three years old and was a gift from my hubby, so I really don’t want to do that. There are products available that will remove these proteins and the odor that lingers.

If the odor is only on the cover, it is not necessary to remove the covers. These can be found in the pet aisle of supermarkets or at pet supply stores. Many of these products state on the label that they should not be used on leather, by which they mean genuine leather. The reason for this is that the bacteria that eat up the urine might also eat the leather since it is an organic material. However, several site users have commented below that they successfully used Nature’s Miracle Stain and Odor Remover on their leather furniture without any problem, including on genuine leather. This is likely because the leather has been treated and dyed, which makes the bacteria unable to eat it. You can always test a product on a small hidden area first to look for any adverse reaction.

Wait until the product has dried to determine the results of the test. Once the product has dried, the bacteria are dead. Soak the cushions with Nature’s Miracle. If there was a lot of urine and it has soaked into the cushions, you will need to pour on as much Nature’s Miracle as there was urine so that it can soak in equally as deep. Allow the product to air-dry. Once the odor is removed, reassemble the sofa.

This is important because Nature’s Miracle contains alcohol, which can dry out the leather and cause cracking or damage. A leather conditioner will prevent that. This home remedy does not remove stains, only odor. Always test a small, hidden area of the leather first as hydrogen peroxide can have bleaching effects and may discolor some leathers. 1 tablespoon liquid soap in a non-metal container. Do not stir or shake vigorously when mixing. Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda create a large amount of oxygen and over mixing will cause the mixture to overflow out of the container. Place the mixture into a spray bottle and gently mist the affected surfaces. Blot the areas if needed to remove the moisture. Allow the area to dry completely.