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Back to home page videosexarchive. Parents, you can easily block access to this site. CONCISE INTERNATIONAL CHEMICAL ASSESSMENT DOCUMENT NO. Labour Organization, or the World Health Organization. Scheme, Australia, and Mr C. Inter-Organization Programme for the Sound Management of Chemicals. IPCS to inform it of the new information.

The flow chart shows the procedures followed to produce a CICAD. IPCS national Contact Points and from IPCS Participating Institutions. Review Board, held in Sydney, Australia, on 21-24 November 1999. 20-year time horizon relative to carbon dioxide. 1987 Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer. HCFC-123 and other hydrochlorofluorocarbons be phased out by 2020.

The acute toxicity of HCFC-123 in laboratory animals is low. 4 h causes severe CNS depression and death. HCFC-123, trifluoroacetic acid, was found in the milk of the dams. 123, Frigen, G 123, Genetron 123, R-123, and SUVA 123. C and is highly volatile, with a vapour pressure of 89. Its molecular weight is 152. HCFC-123 in water is 2.

Henry’s law constant has been measured at 2. The conversion factors for airborne HCFC-123 at 101. There are no known natural sources of HCFC-123. Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer. 2030 to service existing equipment. The estimated atmospheric lifetime of HCFC-123 is 1.

HCFC-123 has an ozone-depleting potential of 0. HCFC-123 is projected to reach 1. HCFC-123 is not used in consumer products. HCFC-123 in metal and electronics cleaning. HCFC-123 drum, levels of 5. 5-h time-weighted average levels of HCFC-123 that ranged from 5.

Blood levels declined rapidly once exposure was terminated. 4-h exposure period to 4. 4 min post-exposure and 1. 5-16 times faster than the rate in rat microsomes. Application under occlusion of 0. 1 ml undiluted HCFC-123 or 0. A NOAEL was not established in this study.

6 h per day, 5 days per week. Table 1: Summary of effect levels in subchronic inhalation toxicity studies. 4-fold in all test groups. A few animals and tissues were lost due to autolysis. Table 3: Chromosome aberrations in human lymphocytes in vitro. Increase in number of polyploid cells. Levels of ALT, AST, or other liver enzymes were not determined. Carrier Canada Ltd, personal communication, 1993 . Verlinden, personal communication, 1997 .