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Pet peeves often involve specific behaviours of someone close, such as a spouse or significant other. A key aspect of a pet peeve is that it may well seem acceptable to others. To most people, these may seem minor annoyances, but not to the supervisor. That same supervisor may witness employees coming into work late and not feel any annoyance whatsoever. This page was last edited on 19 October 2017, at 10:21.

Here’s What the Physicians Formula 80th Anniversary Collection Looks Like! Anyone old enough to remember Physicians Formula Lipstick? If you’re a sensitive user these might be of interest to you as they contain no fragrance and apparently the ingredients are hypoallergenic which makes them unlikely to cause any allergic reactions. 14 oz in size and comes in a lightweight silver barrel with a clear cap. There’s a pretty floral design that wraps around the barrel and gives it a vintage-y 1950s drugstore feel. Sadly, there are two major flaws with the design of the lipstick and packaging one of which is the fact that the lipsticks don’t swivel all the way down.

As you know, this is a pet peeve of mine. It’s very difficult to replace the cap sometimes without slicing off a chunk of the lipstick. I prefer lipsticks that swivel completely down. The second issue I had isn’t necessarily a packaging flaw but a design one. The lipsticks are a triangular shape that at a glance seem easy to apply but in reality are quite messy. I can lay the flat side against my lips and apply color easy enough but the darker shade I purchased, Red Rouge, was impossible to apply like this. I couldn’t quite get inside the lip line and color kept migrating outward.

The shape of the lipstick is a bit awkward and messy for me. I was pretty excited about this formula because it swatches really slick and had a glossier finish on my arm. On my lips the texture is much different as is the finish. The formula is lightly creamy with a fairly easy glide on my lips and a semi-satin finish on my lips. It didn’t tug during application and applied fairly easily although the shade Nude Chair wasn’t as smooth as I had hoped and fell into my natural lip lines without seconds of application. Red Rouge was the smoother of the two but also, apparently the more difficult to apply as the color kept migrating around my lower and upper lip line. But I blame the odd shape of the lipstick for that issue.

I think the texture is nice. It’s lightly creamy, has no fragrance or flavor, and it wears for a solid six hours. However, I struggled with application a little on certain shades and also, issues with the color falling into my natural lip line. Physicians Formula Hypoallergenic Lipstick has great potential but sadly, as it is, the formula and packaging has numerous flaws that are hard to overlook. I really wanted to like these but the shape of the bullet, the packaging, and the application didn’t thrill me. Read my full disclosure statement here.

Nah, too fussy for me. I am old enough, but don’t recall any lipsticks from PF. I’m not allergic to any, but wonder what lipstick ingredients, beyond using carmine, are likely to cause reactions. The only one I seem to have a problem with, and it’s minor, is Nudestix. They sting for a bit, not in the plumping way. And they ball up wickedly, at least on the magnetic matte formula.

That’s the only iffy ingredient in Nudestix. I don’t have any other products that use ferric ferrocyanide, per their list. It is approved for cosmetic use. Think I’ll see if it is in Paula’s ingredients dictionary. I’d love to hear from people who have lipstick allergies. Maybe some have chemical sunscreens. I got the Coral and I like it a lot. The shape of the bullet is the same as Besame’s, so perhaps that’s also a throwback. PF and I also never recall a lipstick. But this is a bit bigger and I found it a little difficult to apply. I’ve been using them for years and years now but can’t ever recall them doing lipstick! The price is nice, and I like that they have no fragrance. I agree about the tube not swiveling down. I mean it’s nice to see it so you can better see the color, but it’s so easy to chip or dent or slice off. The shape is kind of cute, but it does look like it’d be hard to apply with ease, like your review says.

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