Professional carpet cleaning vacuum

5 gallon robust system comes with a low flow feature that helps reduce water usage and speeds up the drying time to two hours. Carpet Care liquid is available for free with every shipment during the company’s promotions. 10 gallon system that can fit into a range of vehicles, from a car to a van, etc. The same inline heating systems as our higher-powered models up to the 9650. The heating time is also within 5 minutes. 25 feet to clean up to 2000 square feet of surface area without moving the machine.

The drying time is about 2 hours. Included, equivalent to the suction of a vacuum motor. The 17 gallon machine offers a pump pressure level of 220 PSI and supports hot water temperature up to 140ºF. It comes equipped with a special low flow feature that helps lower the drying time to nearly six hours. Carpet Care is offered free with the system. XPH-9300 is a high capacity, heated commercial carpet steamer cleaning equipment that offers unsurpassed cleaning results.

F, the 17 gallon XPH-9300 is one of the most powerful carpet cleaners in this series. The low flow feature, incorporated in the machine, helps cut down the drying time to two hours. The equipment includes a 12 inch patented, adjustable carpet cleaner wand for superior extraction. Carpet Care liquid for free with the machine. XPH-9600 is a reliable, heated, commercial carpet steam cleaning equipment that can meet some of the toughest challenges of low and high pile carpet cleaning for residential and commercial carpeting. The XPH-9600 offers an outstanding pressure level, selectable from 0 to 500 PSI, for various types of cleaning applications.

The cleaning becomes even more quick and effective with the temperatures as high as 210º F created by the system. The 12″ patented, adjustable carpet cleaner wand included with the equipment offers excellent suction. XPH-9650 is a heated carpet cleaning equipment that can easily handle the rigors of low pile commercial cleaning. It is ideal for those who either do not have the means to buy a truck mounted carpet cleaner, or else want a very powerful portable system with outstanding features and unsurpassed quality. A special low flow feature of the machine helps in faster drying. The drying time of the system is approximately two hours. The XPH-9650 comes with a 12″ patented, adjustable carpet cleaner wand for greater suction power.

XPH TM 10110 is a powerful, heated, truck mount carpet cleaning equipment that is powered by an 18 HP gasoline engine. The 10110 offers an adjustable pressure level of 1000 PSI. A flow rate of 2. 1 GPM is offered by the system. The 12 inch wand, available with the machine, is included with special temperature and pressure controls. Carpet Cleaning solution with the equipment. XPC-12000 is a reliable, easy to use, non heated, walk behind box carpet extractor that easily handles a variety of industrial and commercial cleaning applications.

The XPC-12000 offers a pressure level of 200 PSI and supports inlet temperature as high as 140ºF. Drying time is drastically reduced to nearly one hour with the low flow feature available with the equipment. It comes with a 20″ stainless steel cleaning head with brush for rapid cleaning of large areas. Carpet Care solution is being offered with this machine. XPH-12000H is a high powered, heated, walk behind, box carpet extractor. With the 220 PSI pump pressure and temperatures as high as 210ºF, the 12000H offers extraordinary cleaning results.

The low flow carpet cleaning equipment can dry carpets within one hour. The system features a 20″ cleaning path and dual 50′ power cords for quick cleaning of large surface areas. World’s largest supplier of commercial and industrial steam cleaners. With daily use, carpets in commercial and industrial facilities can get dirty and soiled pretty fast. They are exposed to potential dirt-accumulating situations, such as accidental spills, soil, and grime from increased footfalls, body oils, sweat, and dust. Dirt and debris can get embedded into the carpet’s deeper layers, making it tough to clean effectively using ordinary cleaning methods. Carpet cleaning equipment used for cleaning carpets and upholstery in commercial establishments come equipped with advanced technology and cleaning techniques to deal with the challenges of the cleaning application. Commercial grade carpet cleaning equipment provides operators a series of unique advantages, which make their job easy and faster. Steam cleaners are among the top rated carpet cleaning equipment available on the market for dealing with the unique challenges of commercial carpet cleaning. They pack powerful cleaning and sanitizing capabilities into an easy-to-handle unit. They come with a series of tools, wands, and other specially-designed attachments for cleaning different types of carpets. Before choosing carpet cleaning equipment for sale, make sure you understand the basic of a professional carpet cleaning equipment. The cost of the machine, the type of carpet soiling you have to handle, type of threads and fibers of your carpets, and environmental conditions typically influence the selection process when you are looking at the best carpet cleaning equipment to buy. The availability of powerful and efficient carpet cleaning equipment provides users the ability to clean stubborn and tough grime, deposits, and dirt marks from carpets with commendable ease.