Smelly urine causes and cure

Here is a great site for Curing Vaginal Odors. The first step in preventing vaginal odor is to ensure good hygiene. Apart from frequent bathing, trimming the pubic hairs is also important. Ensure a regular change of sanitary pads and tampons when menstruating and use a brand that will not cause any irritation to the vagina. Avoid excessive vaginal douching, or discontinue altogether if an offensive vaginal odor persists. In cases of vaginal infections, consult with your doctor and appropriate treatment like antibiotics or antifungals may be necessary.

Anti-fungal vaginal creams may also be necessary in cases of vaginal thrush and it is better to consult with your doctor or gynecologist before using any cream or gel internally. Discontinue sexual intercourse if you notice pain and discharge, especially a smelly discharge, after sex. Ask a Doctor Online Now! It is obvious that the odor may be related to vaginal secretions which is a part of lubrication during intercourse. This may be indicative of a deeper lying problem, with the deeper areas of the vagina, cervix or even the uterus. You should consult with a gynecologist.

It smelled a bit like sulphur. There are no discharge tho. It could be a mild yeast infection. Even the natural bacteria existing in your vagina, will cause some odor but it should be not so pronounced where it is hampering your life. You should consult with your gynecologist to exclude any pathology though. My vaginal smell has changed, and I have never smelled this before. It smells a lot like my husband’s secretions after having intercourse.

My vaginal odor usually has a specific smell before my period, but i do not smell that at all, all i smell is this new smell that is a lot like my husbands secretions after intercourse. You should not judge if you are pregnant or not based on the odor of your secretions. If you suspect pregnancy, test immediately. However if this vaginal odor problem persists. I would also advise checking for chlamydia infection as this may affect your fertility and it is possible to have a slight odor due to the infection. Before considering cancer, first exclude the possibility of an infection. This can cause a yellow to brown discharge, with streaks of blood.

I recommend that you consult with a gynecologist immediately. I’ve been noticing a brown streak in my underwear as well as a slight odor when I’m sitting with my legs open with pants on, etc. My gynecologists said that I am okay, but gave me a cream. I use it sometimes,but I still have my problem. It is important to remember than any treatment for a condition is approached step by step. If the first step works, then great.

If not, then the next course of action has to be considered. Failure to report back to any doctor when you are not experiencing relief just makes it difficult for your doctor in the long run. Please go back to your gynecologist. I’ve had this discharge for a long time now. I didn’t bother knowing because I thought it’s normal and I didn’t even knew that I’m already having this vaginal discharge. But this year I noticed that I have streaks of blood on my thick,yellow discharge even after my period.

It’s smells bad and it’s pretty embarrassing. Is this a sign of an infection? I’ve bee having this vaginal discharge for a long time and I don’t feel anything. Just discharge, bad smell and now streaks of blood. If it’s an infection, what would it be and how can I get rid of this? Yes, it could be a long term infection like thrush or it could be due to other causes like a bleeding cervical wart. Sometimes these types of discharges could be associated with cancer but no need to be concerned just yet. See a gynecologist and tell him about the discharge. Actually you should be doing this along with your annual pap smear. I just went to my OBGYN this past week and the day after I had my pap smear done I have been having horrible smell.