Strong smelling urine while menstruating

In most cases, it should subside when you complete your period. However, a clear diagnosis of the problem can only be made by consulting with your doctor. Change in vaginal odor but no infection. Vaginal odor need not necessarily be always attributed to infection. Every woman has a distinct smell. Poor personal hygiene is a probable cause.

In most cases, this is subjective and the smell is never detected by anybody even close to you. Fishy vaginal odor after sexual activity. Can taking Vitamin C help get rid of vaginal odor? Are there any foods that help with vaginal odor? Garlic is another powerful natural antibiotic that provides a variety of health benefits. What supplements get rid of vaginal odor for good? There is a wide spectrum of products that could help treat vaginal odor.

Smell clean, fresh and sexy again! Learn exactly what causes the fishy odor and how to get rid of it. Vaginal discharge that comes with a foul smelling odor may be a sign of a bacterial infection. Does your vaginal smell foul or fishy after sex? Find out why and how to prevent it. Understand why women experience strong vaginal odor during pregnancy.

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